Do More Business By Helping Your Clients Release Cash From Their Pensions

pension release

If your clients need cash for business they’re doing with you, then click the link below and watch the short video.

Watch the two minute video to see how pension release can help you and your clients »

It’s never been harder to raise money for things to do with ‘work, rest and play’. So it’s vital you help your clients explore all their options. Pension release is often overlooked, but in many cases, it’s the perfect solution.

Consider these areas:

Mortgage Broker and Loan Broker
With millions of people suffering at the hands of loan sharks and credit card companies charging penal interest rates, pension release can often be a sensible solution to enable your clients to kill off crippling debt.

Residential Estate Agent
With many mortgage lenders restricting the amount your clients can borrow, pension release can provide the money to make up the shortfall so they can purchase the home of their dreams.

Franchise and Franchisor Support Service
Pension release can provide the money required to enable your clients to fund their franchise and provide working capital until their cashflow becomes positive.

Overseas Property Agent or Overseas Property Developer
Your clients can diversify their investments by taking pension release to invest in overseas property which not only could boost their capital return, but also enable them to bask in the sun while their money appreciates.

Adviser to Property Developers and Property Investors
Pension release can liberate money languishing in your clients’ pension funds for reinvestment in property, to generate the prospect of both capital growth and rental income.

Commercial Business Agent
Despite massive Government investment, banks still aren’t lending sufficiently to help businesses establish and expand, so pension release can provide the vital funding your clients require to inject money into their business.

And there are many more worthwhile uses for pension release.

To help your clients release cash from their pensions, so you can do more business, watch the two minute video »