Army Pension And Divorce

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Betty asks…

Is it ethical for women to take half of a man’s pension in divorce?

I know someone in the army who got divorced. They had 5 kids and his fat wife now gets half his pension, the house, and the kids.( Uh- oh) That seems pretty wrong. Does he get half her pension? Also, would he still be forced to see his kids or never see em again? ( since his wife is greedy)

Pension Forecast answers:

If this isn’t about you it’s none of your business. Sounds a bit like sour grapes calling her fat and greedy.

Daniel asks…

am i entitled to half my husband’s army pension?

we were married for 9 yrs,then divorced (we were married in england and divorced in america as he was in us army) there were three children in this marriage. he is now retired and living in the us with his 3rd wife (i was 1st wife and have never remarried) he is receiving his army pension. since the divorce the children are now grown and married the divorce was on mutual terms) as i spent all those years with him and our children, am i entitled to any of his army pension (whether he is alive or dead?)

Pension Forecast answers:

If you were married to him for 10 years, then maybe.

However in most cases, a judge will usually take how many years you were married against how many he served. For example, if you were married 12 years together in the military and he stayed in 20, the judge would look at 60% of the retirement and give you half of that.. So about 30%. Since you were married less then 10 years, its hard to say. This is true for a lot of cases, but not all. It also depends on the laws of the state you were divorced in.

Also, since more then likely this was over 10 years ago, you may not get anything anyway.

On a personal note, leave him alone. If it was a mutual separation, then you should get nothing since you didn’t take this into account at that time. Maybe he should get half of your retirement too.

Paul asks…

am i entitled to any of my partners army pension?

hi, i have been split from my ex for just going on 2yrs now we were married for 3 years and have two kids. he is in the army and even though i have been to solictors to start divorce he started being a pain due to me haveing a new partner and said he would have contested procedings…..

he now has a new partner and has said he wants a divorce which i have said i would agree to anyway but he wants to do a diy one online to keep legal costs low, although before i agree am i entiltled to any of his army pension that i could put away for the two children……


Pension Forecast answers:

Most of the time for you to get any of his pension, in most cases, you must of been married to him while he has been in the service for 10 years. Sometimes a judge might give you something for 5 or 7 years but I have yet to see a judge grant any spouse a soldier’s pension for the little time you have been married. Especially since you are already with someone new.

Now if the children are his, then you will get child support but sorry honey you will probably get nothing. Have your new guy support you.

Good luck

Nancy asks…

What is life for army guys like, after their wife divorces them and they live with half of everything, half?

the pension etc. ? It aint like they make big dollars to begin with.

Pension Forecast answers:

Life sucks in and after the army. Get on with yours and learn a new trade or go to school to get a better career. Live life to the fullest and try to be happy. Plus the ex gets to see how well you are doing and what they missed out on!

John asks…

claims for injury in HM Forces does anyone know of any solicitors who can help with a claim against the Army?

I was injured in 1986 and lost the sight of my left eye they didnt give me a medical discharge but kept me in an office typing for 2 years and i was downgraded physically never got compensation and was kicked out in 1988 after 12yrs service no help whatsoever didnt even get told about the Army War Pension schem or anything i only found out 3 years later and get a basic pension of 40 pounds a week now not much for losing an eye i want to find out if i was able to claim compensation ive been unable to cope sometimes and it is hard i want to see if theres anything i can claim for back pay or whatever i know its probably too late but i feel betrayed and want to know what to do ive been through the lot stress alcoholism, divorce lost my wife also my eye was removed after i left the Army and now have to where an implant please help thx for reading this far god bless yas

Pension Forecast answers:

As an Ex forces man myself, i was told about a lawyer in Lincoln called Gilbert Blades. Apparently he and his associates might take look at your case.

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