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Donald asks…

UK Army pensions?

I am due an army pension though not for a few more years I should add. However I presume you have to keep the dept responsible upto date with your current address. Does anyone know the email address to send updates to? Or do you have to ring? Or even do you have to update them till the appropriate time!


Pension Forecast answers:

The following links may be of use. I would imagine it would be a case of phoning the Ministry of Defence or the RAO and speaking to someone there. Good luck!


Joseph asks…

please can you tell me my army pensions office i live bolton lancs uk?

I joined army in 1969 to 1977

Pension Forecast answers:

Ask at your local British legion club , they will ahve someone who can help you

Donna asks…

moving abroad – pensions?

I am thinking of moving to the USA, will I still be able to get my uk pension also uk army pension when i hit the appropriate age for this when I am living in the usa?


Pension Forecast answers:

You will because the money is already in a bank account made under your name…so you will be able to get it at the appropriate age

Lisa asks…

I need a little insight on the army (uk)?

Got some homework on the army and the benefits of the UK army, so was wondering if anybody could help me? Ill try to explain, but I need to know things like…
– Support, do they get any support?
– What happens if they are mentally scarred?
– Compensation
– Recognition

Pension Forecast answers:


Nancy asks…

how much is the monthly pension of a retired army in uk for 22 yrs in service?

and how much in php

Pension Forecast answers:

Depends which rank it is, when they retired and if they took out a lump sum.

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