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Betty asks…

How well am I doing compare to my peers from the same age group?

I like to know how well am I doing comparing to my peers from the same age group. I am 32, married with two children.

Excluding equity from my primary residence, my net worth at the moment is just over £25k held in various form of savings, pensions, shares, mutual funds, etc.

Have I been saving enough or am I very far behind my peers from the same age group?
Comparing with peers from UK only please.

Pension Forecast answers:

You’re doing well but it’s impossible to compare as everyone’s different and no two people have the same circumstances, had more than £25,000 by the time I was 22 as like you I’m very much a saver.

Linda asks…

I need to find a site where I can compare the taxes between Illinois and North Carolina.?

I am retired and live in Illinois. I want to move to North Carolina but I need to find a site or ?where I can compare the tax situations of living in N. Carolina as compared to Illinois.
For example, I know they tax your pension in North Carolina which Illinois does not do but maybe there are other areas there which are a little lighter on the tax burden. Thank you.

Pension Forecast answers:

Try this site:

If it’s not what you want, google:

Taxes state comparisons

Steven asks…

How much of California’s Educational Funds go to teacher pensions instead of supplies?

I’m wondering what percentage of California’s educational budget goes to school supplies, modernization projects, and equipment compared to the amount paid towards teacher salaries, administrative costs, and pension benefits? Anybody wanna take a guess while I google it?

Pension Forecast answers:


Laura asks…

How is retirment in other countries besides the US? DO they have better 401k or actual pensions?

I was just curious and comparing the US with other countries when it comes to retirement. In todays age we at least here will be working to we drop dead. That’s what our parents and grandparents have left for us while they bask in the 25 years of blissfully pension and S.S. retirement.

Pension Forecast answers:

Your day will come.

I know in England my brother planned and put money away, I’m sure quite a few people do, not too much different than the U.S.

Joseph asks…

Should we compare state debt levels to decide what economic policies work best?

Wouldn’t it make sense for the US to emulate the economic policies of the states with the least debt to get our out of control National debt under control instead of copying the policies of the states that are going bankrupt?

Do you think the difference in debt between blue and red states debt should tell us something?

Pension Forecast answers:

You would think logic like that would be a great idea, but of course the government refuses to follow basic logic even if its proven to them…time and time and time again.


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