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Sandy asks…

I need to get the dates of my marriage and divorce in UK, What is the cheapest way (or free way) to do this?.?

I was married in the early 70’s and divorced in the late 70’s. Is there a free way to get this information, if not whats the cheapest way. I live in the UK and was married here. I need this information to get my pension.
My local office charges 40pounds for searching records, and they think it may have been in a fire where a lot of records were lost. They say I have to contact London and wait for them to reply to me and their letter i then forward to local office with a fee for a search.
I need to know the DATES… thats what I need. I don’t know them.

Pension Forecast answers:

If you know the dates go online to find the register office address for the area(s) you were married/divorced. You can also get the name and address of the relevant offices if you ring your local registrar’s office.
I paid something like eight pounds per certificate dealing direct. All offices are helpful when you phone them.

Laura asks…

What is my mum entiteled to in a divorce in the uk?

My father has been cheating on my mum for 3 years. If my mum was to divorce him would she be financially secure? They have been married for 27 years and have 4 children one is 15 the rest are over 18.MY mum has been a housewife for most of there marriage and has no real earning capacity of her own. He earns £150000 plus bonuses which take it over the £200000 mark. He is 51 and she is 48. Would she be intituled to alimony as well as half his pension?

Pension Forecast answers:

Absolutely….but she must seek legal advice.
It may not be that she is entitled to half his pension but certainly a fair chunk of it and also spousal maintenance and child maintenance.
The courts will accept your mother has contributed to the marital pot so to speak as carer to the children and played a huge supporting role to your father as he progressed through the years in his career.
She will be entitled to a share of his savings and more than likely be awarded the house unless your father plays it difficult then the house would probably be sold and any equity shared but it would have to be enough to support your mother in the purchase of a new family home.
27 years is classed as a long standing marriage and your mother has contributed her time and commitment to the marriage and will be awarded for that by the courts.
She must try and keep records to prove to the court he is earning what she knows as often people try and hide incomes especially if self employed and plead poverty.
Good Luck to her x

Ruth asks…

My wife is adamant the marriage is over, it it worth rushing into divorce?

Is there a cheap and quick method of divorcing in the UK? I want to try to get it finalised before I get my pension payout next year. I’ve heard that you can do it on-line – anyone got any experience of this?
I have tried everything that I can think of to save my marriage but I’m afraid that it takes two to make it work and if your spouse is adamant that it’s over there’s not much you can do about it.

She has completely moved on – new email accounts, facebook accounts, she’s contacted CSA, local authority, housing, benefits, etc. We’ve been married 2 years but I’ve spent 22 years in the Army – while I appreciate that she’s entitled to some of that pension I am also expecting a compensation pension for injuries received in Iraq. This payment will be to compensate for loss of furure earnings and pain and suffering I’ve endured. Any cash I get will go towards raising my kids I am not taking anything from the family home, she’s getting everything – I just don’t want to fund my wife’s new single lifestyle. If she gets her hands on it she’ll blow it.

Pension Forecast answers:

I wish my wife was adamant the marriage was over.

Maria asks…

Divorce after 23 years and three kids in UK only please?

My sister has been married for 23 years and her husband had told her he wants a divorse due to him meeting another women.
They own two houses one worth 140k in his name and one 80k in her name he stays mostly at the 140k house 100 miles away.
they have three kids 18, 20 and one of 13
he has a good pension as he works for the bbc.
she earns £15k he earns £40
he claims he has no money and he has offered to just walk away he keeps the 140k house she keeps 80k house and that be that.

What is she entitled to and this fair in uk ?
What can she expect from a first consultation with a solicitor in uk?

Pension Forecast answers:

Your sister needs to consult a solicitor, an expert in family law. You cannot get this advice in here, it is not wise to try to work this out without legal help.
Really, do get her to seek advice asap, the husband must do the same.

Nancy asks…

is ex husband intitled to my pension?

im in the uk….married for 8 months only before seperation, just coming up to the 2 year mark so i can file for divorce. my husband claims he is intitled to my pension..is he?? and if so how much given the short time we were actually together for such a short time?

Pension Forecast answers:

Everything in a divorce is negotiable. Check with your solicitor.

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