Facebook Password Reset Code Hack

by Pension Forecast

Susan asks…

Is someone trying to hack my Facebook?!!!?

a couple of minutes ago at 12.10 am, Facebook sent me a text, i am not set up to recieve texts from FB.
They sent me a password reset code, but i didnt try to reset my facebook password!?

they also sent me an email for the same reason and that was a nice gesture!

is someone else trying to hack my facebook or change my password?!!!

Pension Forecast answers:

Yes, Probably. That person still doesn’t know your password unless they know your e-mail password.
You should change email password or fb password.

Betty asks…

my facebook account has been compromised and i cant reset my password?

my facebook account has been hacked or ‘compromised’.
its telling me to reset my password but the hackers have changed it too many times so now i cant reset it.
one of my friends got sent a code for me but i dont know what to do with it or where to put it.
does anyone know what i can do or where i put this code?

Pension Forecast answers:

Contact yahoo and calmly explain your situation. And ask them to help you. Its happened millions of times before. They will help you. You probably won’t even lose your account. Just follow what they say. As far as that code goes stick it in the password box and try it if you really think it will work. If all else fails just sign up for a new account. That’s your only choice.

John asks…

How can i reset my facebook password with little details?

I created a facebook account a year ago and i love it. Only somehow i have been hacked and i cant change my password. i dont want to deactivate my account or delete it as i have many friends on there. and msn hotmail was hacked to so i cant send off for a new password on there. and i cannot get Confirmation reset code which i need.
please could you help me? by either telling me a way to change my password or either knowing a Confirmation reset code that you could give me. No downloads or softwares.

best answer shall be awarded with points of there choice.

Pension Forecast answers:

Just click on “forgot my password” when u want to log into ur account and then u’ll have to write ur email and they will send u a temporary password then u can change ur password by using the temporary password after clicking on the link sent by the temporary password email

Mandy asks…

How easy is it to hack an iPod security code?

I left mine in the city and it is long gone.
I don’t mind the fact it is gone, more the fact it has all my email/password/photos/facebook etc. on it.
Is it easy to break the security code, or would they just reset it to factory settings?

Pension Forecast answers:

I wouldn’t worry about someone figuring out your password, unless they get lucky! The only way to bypass a password is to do a jailbreak, once they do a jailbreak it erases everything off of the ipod. A simple restore will not bypass the password. It may take awhile for them to do a jailbreak because they have to figure out what ios you were running first.

Lizzie asks…

help I have been hacked on facebook?

I have been hacked on facebook. Who ever it was changed my password Don’t know my email password nor security question. My contacting anyone like facebook or hotmail by mobile phone doesn’t work.( for reasons I am pretty sure you know.) And when I try to make a new facebook account it won’t let me for some weird reason (I haven’t done anything bad to have been kicked off) Also I might add i don’t know my password reset code whatever that is
I mean am I screwed on this or are there any options left

Pension Forecast answers:

If you haven’t given your password to anyone, I can only think of one other reason why you were hacked. The group that hacked Sony, (ps3 was down for a while) has also hacked into XBox 360, FaceBook, Twitter, and Paypal and has released all account information to people everywhere.

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