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Maria asks…

Need a good Proxy for myspace and facebook.?

my internet is iffy and it is blocked at work, a list of a few free ones would be great..
I will add you too…
MYSPACE: tazzthetease@hotmail.com OR


FACEBOOK: amanda.elaine_fink@yahoo.com

Pension Forecast answers:

Give these a try:







Laura asks…

Proxy : Need a WORKING proxy.?

hello, i need a proxy to get around my school filter at school. its a bess smart filter. i only need a proxy so i can go on google images and youtube for school reasons. i could care less for facebook and myspace. it would be nice but not needed. and proxies do work. so if a 40 year old man on here starts telling me about computers back in the day BS stories get off this question now. i dont care what you htink. i will love to see just a whole list of proxies here i can use. thank you very much if you have any. and please double check with your filters at school….


Pension Forecast answers:


Click on the login at the top right, can’t remember if it is a lock or says login. Also can’t remember if you can just click on the Explorer tab and login that way. When you find the login use this login:

Username: student
Password: random1

Should be able to get around anything. They will eventually block it though so use it quick. My work did.

Ruth asks…

I need new proxies to get on myspace and Facebook in school?

List any proxies that you know of work and arent blocked at this time….

Pension Forecast answers:

I know you don’t want to hear this, but my advice is that you shouldn’t even try because that is against the acceptable use policy at your school. They have sites blocked for safety and security reasons. They own the computers and the internet connection so they get to say how they’re used.

Trying to bypass their security is considered hacking and will get you banned from using any of their computers and probably even suspended or expelled.

They can see and track everything you do so you WILL get caught. Not being able to use the computers at all would suck way worse than just using them to view allowed sites – wouldn’t it?

But please go ahead and post all the proxies you can think of here so we know the new ones to block. Thanks for making it easy for us admins to keep blocking you!


Thomas asks…

My Facebook chat is not working, I need help.?

When I turn off my Firewall, it works fine, but with my Firewall on it doesn’t. The rest of Facebook works fine because it is part of the approved websites list. What url do I need to enter to the Approved Websites so that Facebook Chat can connect?

Will this even help? Or do I need to allow proxy or some other thing that my Firewall blocks?
I have Firefox, and when I turn off my Firewall, the chat works perfectly.

Pension Forecast answers:

I think chat is sort of considered a pop up and firewall blocks that.

Steven asks…

All the proxies I know are blocked! What are some decent proxy servers I can use?

I am unable to use search engines to look up terms like “proxy,” as my school’s system prvents student from even SEARCHING for them. I just need a list of URLs I can try!

Please don’t bother saying things to the effect of “you could get in trouble” and “you shouldnt be on facebook at school/work.” I do realize that. However that’s not what I asked, so save the comments and answer some one elses question in a manner that is helpful!!! D:

Thank you to those that help me out!

Pension Forecast answers:

Web filters like Wensense have become so effective that virtually no proxy works anymore. It’s just the way it is.

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