How Can I Find My Pensions

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Michael asks…

I was employed by Albany Life Assurance Company Limited, in 1980-1984, how can I find out about my Pension?

Albany Life Assurance now no longer exist and I don’t who bought them out.

Pension Forecast answers:

Albany Life Assurance Company Ltd., Albany International Assurance Ltd. And Metropolitan Unit Trust Managers Ltd were operated by Met Life UK Ltd., a holding company. Canada Life Assurance Company of Toronto agreed to buy it in 1997.

Betty asks…

How Can I Find Affordable Hotels Near the US Embassy?

I‘m from Negros Island and will come to Manila to have my interview at the US embassy next month. Can you pls. help me find an affordable hotel/pension house near the US embassy in Manila? Tanx

Pension Forecast answers:

I recommend Bayview Park Hotel Metro Manila Philippines (location: 1118 Roxas Boulevard Corner United Nations Ave Ermita, Manila, Philippines )

But to check prices with other hotels check out this site:||PH&city=Manila+(Metro+Manila)||MNL

James asks…

How can I find out about a firm who paid into pension for me and then went into liquidation in the 70’s?

The company operated in Shropshire. I would like to find the name of the insurance company that has my money!

Pension Forecast answers:

Go to the FSA web site – they should know

Ken asks…

How can I find out if my grandma should be receiving military pension money?

My grandpa passed about 5 years ago, but was a Veteran. He served more than the 90 days and was active during wartime. Although they were not married while he was serving, they were married for 50 plus years. Thanks!!!

Pension Forecast answers:

Unless he stayed in the military for 20 years. He wouldn’t be getting a pension. Not everyone who
is a veteran gets a pension. He would have had to retire from the military or stayed in long enough to become eligible for a pension to get one. I’m a veteran, i don’t get a pension. If he was receiving a pension when he passed, she might get something. You could check with the VA about that.

Susan asks…

How will the American Union handle it when they find out they won’t get their full Pensions?

Teachers Union pension in Illinois some are expecting 8 million dollars for their retirment, when there is no possible way Illinois or even our fed govt can afford to give them that much. Are they really that naive to think they will get that much money from Failed Union/ State/ Companies? The reg. Tax payers who are non-union don’t make nearly that much and they expect them to bail out their loser company or loser state, that allowed those contracts? This is insane! I could live on 1 million dollars for the rest of my life! Why are they getting paid so MUCH in the first place?
All countries that went down the road we are following have been having to SLASH Union and govt pensions and salaries- thats coming to the US Unions and Govt workers- they have to be a fool to think it won’t come.

Pension Forecast answers:

Equal outcome means they will have to suffer with the rest of us. Equal outcome policies suck, eh?

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