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James asks…

Could the EU imposing a speed limit on the Autobahn start WW3?


Pension Forecast answers:

Must go faster

then sooner come end

Paul asks…

What do think about that young Iraqis are loosing their faith in their religion?

“I hate Islam and all the clerics because they limit our freedom every day and their instruction became heavy over us,” said Sara Sami, a high school student in Basra. “Most of the girls in my high school hate that Islamic people control the authority because they don’t deserve to be rulers.”

Pension Forecast answers:

I can appreciate their point of view – just because they are born in a certain country doesn’t mean they deserve to be dominated by any one religion that forces them to do things and impinges on their choices every single day under pain of death

i think those young people are beginning to finally ‘get it’

David asks…

China opens businesses in US but US can’t open businesses in China based on security issues?

HONG KONG: As the Chinese government and many Chinese companies start looking for foreign companies to buy, including a possible bid for a U.S. manufacturer of computer hard drives, lawmakers in Beijing are about to pass legislation limiting foreign acquisitions in China on national security grounds.

After 13 years of debate and various drafts, the National People’s Congress is poised to pass a broad anti-monopoly law this week. But while Western companies have welcomed many of the law’s provisions, including limits on monopolistic behavior by state-owned enterprises, the final draft also has a last-minute addition: acquisitions by foreign companies “should go through national security checks.”

See link – http://www.iht.com/articles/2007/08/27/business/monopoly.php

Question – What are your thoughts ?

Pension Forecast answers:

Jim is right about the massive presence of American business in China, and you can’t turn your head without seeing a KFC in China, but what these people are failing to note is that all the foreign business in China has at least 51% Chinese ownership. KFC and McDonalds are FRANCHISES, which means that a Chinese person owns them and pays money to the U.S. Company for use of product and trademarks. This is why USA is still the #1 exporter in the world, regardless of how many cheap “Made in China” products you can find in your home. Who cares if America owns land and business in China as long as the franchise checks from Mickey Ds, KFC, Nike, NBA, Levis etc keep rolling in?

You need to look at Chinese recent history. The past 200 years, China has been humiliated and used by Western countries over and over again, which is why they’re careful not to let foreigners control much in China. They’re still pretty sore about the 8 nation alliance (USA and England included) who ransacked Beijing in the early 20th century – raping and pillaging – and burned several historic buildings to the ground while stealing massive amounts of Chinese art. In the late 19th century, they were forced to sign humiliating treaties with the west (do you think they handed over Hong Kong to the British with a smile?)

Not to mention Japanese occupation of China for 15 years during WWII. Why do you think that when the Communists came to power, they did let any foreigners step foot in the country for 30 years?

China is slowly learning to be a responsible world player, but you can’t expect them to welcome the US to start buying land and business all over the place after how badly they’ve been screwed over by foreigners in recent years. They enjoyed thousands of years of history without foreign influence and seemed to function pretty well on their own. Is it coincidence that when they first started dealing with the West, only 150 years ago, a century of of foreign manipulation (the Opium Wars), humilation, massive death, and starvation happened?

Eventually, they’ll be the same as every country in Europe and North America, but not in your lifetime. When a reporter asked then Chinese premier Zhou Enlai in the 1960s what he thought the effects of the French revolution were, he said “It’s too soon to tell.” China operates on a 4000 year old calendar. They’re not going to change how you want them to overnight, and risk England poisoning them with opium again – or something as bad.

Daniel asks…

Please Answer my Questions !?

Ihts about Chuck E. Cheese :-/
1. Is there an age limit to go in those tubes things ? Or height limit ? Or weight limit?
2. How much would iht cost ?
3. && is iht open tomorrow ? ( Martin Luther Kings day tomorrw )

Thanks :)

Pension Forecast answers:

They will be open on MLKJ day.Parents are allowed into the tubes with their children.It’s really a question on if you can fit into the tubes and are in good shape since you will be crawling on your knees through the tubes.I use to take my son there all the times before he grew up and use to go in the tubes with him when he was a todler.I wouldn’t go in the tubes if you are a very big person only because you might get stuck and you might get exhausted easily.The tubing is pretty sturdy and if a bunch of kids can be in one section at a time there is no reason why an adult can’t either.Wear socks though because shoes and bare feet are not allowed.The play area is free the only thing that costs money are the games and food.

Betty asks…

Teenagers and cars – what is being done and what would you like to see?

I just heard about Ford’s MyKey the other day. Parents buy a car equipped with the MyKey feature, and give their teenage drivers a special key for the car. This key limits features like speed and radio volume.

In particular, I have read that it: allows parents to limit teen drivers to a top speed of 80 miles per hour – cap the volume on the car stereo – demand seat belt use (by muting the radio and chime repeatedly until the driver is buckled up) – can sound a chime whenever the vehicle travels above 45, 55 or 65 miles per hour – and can prevent the driver from turning off safety features. Parents are the ones to chose which limitations to use, and program it accordingly. Master keys (parent keys) will never have any limitations.

My questions are:
Do you like this (please state which key you would be likely to be using when answering this question!)?
Which features would you use and why?
Which features would you not use and why?
What features would you like to see added?

Personally, I would like to see a tracking feature that allowed me to know when the engine was started and when it was turned off, top speed and average speed for the past 2/6/12/24 hours.



Yes – kids could steal the key, but kids can get in your purse and steal $20 – It just depends on what morals you have taught (and enforced)

As for teenagers griping about being spied on – I feel if the parent is buying the car, the parent has the responsibility of making sure that the “young adult” is behaving responsibility, especially when they are out of sight! This is only a tool to help the parent do that – if the “young adult” doesn’t like it, he/she could always chose not to drive…
Oh – I really like the pass code idea for the master key!
“If you don’t think your teen CAN drive responsibly, then why in the hell would you letting them drive AT ALL?”

First off – Most parents do not drive around with their teens after the license is issued (and you can bet that teens are on their best behavior when parents are in the car!)

Secondly – The fact of the matter is that teenagers have one of the highest accident rate of any group out there… Seems like a good reason for parent monitoring to me!

Yes – parents need to trust their teens. However, teens need to prove that trust is justified and that they are responsible. There is a fine line, hard to see, and different for every family…

Pension Forecast answers:

im suprised im saying this because i am a teen but i think it is a good idea. Besides the radio volume… I need my loud music
but if its the parents car they have a right
if the kids dont like it… Get a job, and buy your own car

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