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Mary asks…

lincoln benefit life annuity rates?

Pension Forecast answers:

Think you’re asking in the wrong section…

George asks…

Real life example of an interest rate for a compounding annuity?

I need the details of a real life annuity to calculate some problems for a math project. I need the interest rate, compounding period and the bank that offers it.

Pension Forecast answers:

Go to this site, enter your state

Sandy asks…

struggling with annuity rates?

for a payment of $80,000 at age 65, the firm will pay the retiring professor $600 a month until death. if the professor’s remaining life expentancy is 20 yrs what is the monthtly rate on this annuity? what is the effective annual rate

Pension Forecast answers:

This is why they made financial calculators. The best fee one online is here:

there are instructions on the site.

If you do it right, the answer will be between 0.5% and 0.6% per month, and it works out to a little shy of 9% per year, with compounding.

Lisa asks…

What company is the best for whole life annuities?

just want to know the best for rates and fees and stability.

Pension Forecast answers:

It’s an alternative term for life annuity. A couple of companies that offer this kind are: and It’s best to consult a financial adviser for this. And also read as much information you can about annuities. Good luck!

Susan asks…

A salesperson calls you up and offers you $200 a year for life.?

A salesperson calls you up and offers you $200 a year for life. If the interest rate is 9 percent, how much should you be willing to pay for that annuity?

Pension Forecast answers:

You need to find out what amount times 9% equals $200. Set up an equation. U is the unknown amount.

9% X $U = $200

$U = $200 divided by 0.09

$U = $2,222.22

You would pay no more than $2,222.22 for this dividend.

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