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Susan asks…

I receive a UK military pension, resident in Spain for 6yrs and am taxed at source. Can I become UK tax exempt?

I have heard that there is a procedure where I can become UK tax exempt and also receive a tax rebate for those years which I have been resident in Spain. Can any body help? Thank you.

Pension Forecast answers:

As above, and don’t forget to pay Spanish taxes…….or you could end up owing them, and they are not as lenient as the uk at claiming back taxes owed…

Ruth asks…

What happens to my military pension (uk) if I die before I can start to collect it.?

I have three young children …will they have any entitlement

Pension Forecast answers:

Pension rights should transfer to your wife (or possibly partner)
pension rights don’t apply or transfer to children. If there are no eligable dependants then the pension rights disappear

however there may well be death in service benefits (a kind of life assurance payout) which could be paid to children

Betty asks…

Policemen and women are overpaid administrators these days and should be paid less than the military-True?

I realise we need a police force but lets reward the ones on the front line (not very many of them these days)and pay the ‘clerks’ and ‘laser speed gun holders’ what they are worth.Reckon if you put it to a public vote -the proper cops would get paid around 40k per annum and the rest of them would get around half of that.Where are the cops that used to be on the UK streets these days-or have they retired at 50 with their huge pensions?

Pension Forecast answers:

I don’t think the police are paid well at all (okay I’m in Australia not UK) considering they have to work shift work, the work is sometimes dangerous, they have a great deal of responsibility, have to put up with insults from the public etc….

I think here they get paid about the same as school teachers and teachers are always complaining that they’re underpaid even with the cruisey job and short hours that they have.

Laura asks…

Why do we have a “Rank & Fortune” notion still in the UK ?


I am not whinging, as the silly beggars made me a Major some 25 years ago. Well OK, maybe that was fair enough, as I was qualified at the time to do so, but …

Thanks for the pension, but it is not a fortune, and I hear of many that are struggling in the Brit. Armed Forces in retirement

I know it is just an old phrase, and scarcely worth credence, as many more Higher-Ranking Officers than I are far from financially “comfortable”

I went to live in civvy-land those 20 years ago. Took all my taught skills with me, and now earn about 4-5 times as much, doing the same thing in a suit.

OK, maybe this is the way of life, military or otherwise, but do you sometimes dismay that a lot of young recruits, are not really told that it can be poorly paid, dangerous, with no huge thank-you at the end of it all ?

Oh, I am still “Loyal to the Crown”, but see many a problem

Any notions ?


Pension Forecast answers:

When you are young you can be a bit nave, and not think to far into the future. Time was when young people were taught to respect their elders and with good reason because older people are supposed to have the wisdom gained from their mistakes and successes in life and guide others into such army trades that would have value in the future. The Army won’t go out of their way to do this because they need basic infantry and they are cheaper to keep.

Richard asks…

In light of the news that the Libya crisis is still ongoing?

UK only, is it fair to say the ‘elected’ ‘government’s’ response has been abysmal from the outset?

Here is the timeline:

President Barack Obama criticises Libyan President
UK Coalition turns into some kind of talking bird
UK ‘opposition’ asks about using taxpayer money to take position, banking on Gaddafi retaining power and asks if those swayed by lawyers and judges really understand the sociopolitical situation in their own country, Ed Miloband, ‘For ***** sake we secured those oil contracts, this is about our ******* pensions, do the people not understand what statesmen with military rank do, look at the mess in our own debating chamber, retired officers, dire lawyers, the odd doctor, not a decent human being amongst us as we just wanted to be happy, we took a position for pension holders, will the crap coalition do the same?’
Moron, ‘It’s high time Johnny Foreigner understood that oil contracts are signed in blood, defending an army seems the rational and appropriate response against a hostile people, the house I’m sure is joined in this sentiment.’
Ed Miliband, ‘ Will he answer the question?’
Moron, ‘He’s trying to Tripoli up, you are an oik and an oily one. (to his back benchers) This really is the final sh1t, which the opposition leader is well aware was once a straw, I sound like a bird, I’ll only fly away, I don’t know if I…’
Ed Miliband, ‘Birds are afraid of Cobras, am I winning?’
Moron, ‘The oik knows very well no one wins, or gets security, life’s a risk and oil working very many more times than doubly so.’
Ed Miliband, ‘I can see your future, leaving on a jet plane but when will our citizens?’
Moron, ‘Dubya in time. (to himself) Oh I’m good.’
Mr Speaker, ‘I just have a list of names, none note worthy. Moron.’
The house stands.

Pension Forecast answers:

What response, the charter flight which took off yesterday was organised by Oil companies, not the elected dictatorship oppressing the people of the UK and the truth.

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