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George asks…

Which country mandate their people to buy health insurance ?

Not UK, NHS tax 11% which is for pension and healthcare but they can opt out if they want to.
Not Canada.

We should look at comparison when buying something.

Pension Forecast answers:

Switzerland, everyone is required to purchase the basic health insurance plan.

Daniel asks…

low income in the uk?

i have 700 pounds a month to live on(from an NHS pension)no savings or accommodation have been living in Thailand(got married and then divorced) want to go back to the UK but i do not think i can manage on 700 per moth.i am 55 would love to work however with the way thing are the prospect of a job look bleak.my question is what help could i get from the state in term of help with housing /income support etc.believe me i am not a sponger work hard fro over 30 years as a nurse just fallen on hard times

Pension Forecast answers:

Well, you may be able to find a job for a few hours a week especially as christmas temp vacancies will be advertised soon, and many times these can lead to permanent jobs after the festive period is over.
As you are claiming a pension you may be entitled to pension credit – there are two types – savings and guarantee – you would need to apply for the pension credit savings benefit.
You may also be entitled to a small amount of income support depending on your savings, alternately you may be able to claim jobseekers if your NI contributions are up to date.
If you have any health issues you will possibly be entitled to a small amount of DLA or ESA benefit.
If you are entitled to income support or jobseekers you may be able to claim housing and council tax benefit, or a discount on your council tax.
Also, you may want to consider joining NHS professionals as an agency nurse – you can do as many hours as you want and generally the pay is higher than being in a fixed job. Look up “NHS professionals”
With your nursing experience you could also look for support roles in care homes etc, I have seen many vacancies for these recently in the north of england
Hope that helps :-)

ETA if you do some work you may also be entitled to working tax credits, look on www.hmrc.gov.uk for more on this

Thomas asks…

Why do people wrongly assume that UK is Socialist?

The UK was never Socialist the whole Big Brother state we has more comparison with Fascism. There security camera everywhere and it’s said ‘We’re sleepwalking into a police state’. And this wasn’t began with the Founding of the Welfare state and ya do know why the Welfare state was founded. Let me give a history lesson.

The Boer War was predicted to end quickly but since so many willing recruits were refused due to bad health. This wasn’t good as Boer War dragged on. I think the number was 1 out of every 3 people were being refused. This began the trend it began with Pension being added And then School Inoculations. Fast forward to 40s we had WW2 and some time during then NHS was founded.

But what started trend of police state, before ya say Labor it wasn’t, it was Maggie Thatcher when she took control of the Police Force and made them to her work, she made them end the miner strike by force. Sounds rather Orwellian doesn’t it?

If anything UK is seeming more Fascist in some respects and with rise of BNP this is looking terribly worrying.

Pension Forecast answers:

If by “people” you mean U.S. Citizens, well the simple answer is that most Americans know next to nothing about Europe (UK included). We don’t understand your politics, how your Governments are run, how your economies differ from ours etc.

Because U.S. States have far more in common with one another than they have differences, people assume it is kind of similiar with Europe. So if someone reads something about France, say they have heard it is socialist, they think the UK is the same way. They don’t often realize that there is very limited commonality between European Nations.

Joseph asks…

British Troops?

I am absolutely gutted with some of the opinions being layed down on our brave sons and daughters in the forces.

Yes they volunteered.
Yes they know what is expected.
Yes they know they will go to war.

NO – the recruiting office doesn’t tell them they will live in substandard conditions.
NO – the recruiting office doesn’t tell them that the married quarters are often condemned.
NO – the recruiting office doesn’t tell them they are still subject to UK tax laws even when they have been abroad for two years.
NO – the recruiting office doesn’t tell them that they will now have to rely on the NHS when they are injured because the Penny pinchers have shut the specialist Forces hospitals.
NO – they will not be told if they suffer from Post Traumatic Stress they are liable to be discharged from their job with a small pension and no medical back up.

Do you not think that the very least the public of this FREE country can do is support them?
24 years of service.

Pension Forecast answers:

This is the best thing i have read today…….

Many people have no experience of miltary life and pass judgement on something they know nothing about …..

This frustrates me beyond belief .. I am sure some people think it is like “soilder soilder”…..

What many people fail to understand is that our boys and girls are let down by the army and the government …

Look at our governments failure to recongnise gulf war syndrome …

Look at our poor equipment …. Look at our married quarters,single mans quarters ….

My husband has to purchase his own kit ……

I have nothing but pride and admiration for our brave service personnel and i support them in their fight for better services and so on….

We all should support our brave service men and women and be less judgemental

Mark asks…

British citizen applying for US immigrant?

I am a british citizen,but before that I was a filipino citizen. I have been in UK for 11 years working as a nurse in one of the NHS trust hospitals. Now, my sister in America wants to petition me to be an immigrant in the US, I want to know, If its allowed and if I will not lost my British citizenship, and if i can still continue to work and live here in the U.K.,even though I am US immigrant.Is there a problem for me living here or is there any allowed time to stay here or in USA?I want to know, Is there a chance that my pension later on will be affected too?Please would you give me some sort of advises with regards to this matter.
Thank you..

Pension Forecast answers:

Yes your sister can file for you

I would not worry about the details just yet
it will be 24 years before a visa will be available for you

your pension will no be affected

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