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Betty asks…

Could I become a millionaire by developing a few big hit facebook applications?

I have just turned 18 years old and I have a creative imagination. I have ordered 2 books; 1 for developing facebook applications for dummies and the other iPhone applications development for dummies from I heard that a student or something created an application for facebook that makes him $1 million/month, and various others that make just 1,000s. What I’d like to know is if it is possible that I could become a millionaire by developing my own facebook applications that become big hits, and if there is always going to be opportunities to do so.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

It is very unlikely, any revenue from Facebook would rely on the external adverts facebook place on your app, which they will take a huge chunk of. Even thousands is extremely optimistic.

Michael asks…

How to Create A face book application ??

looking to create a application That is similar to either to the mobsters 2 or the farm ville game if you know how to get started on this please let me know ???

I also migh be interested in developing applications For Ipod or Iphone

The Third part of this question is I created a question On the facebook Quiz maker How do i post it for my friends to do it thanks for all the help

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

If you want to develop an app for ipod or iphone you need a mac… And you need to pay 99 bucks to become a developer.

John asks…

Using adsense with face book apps?

Is it possible to use adsense from google on facebook applications that you create. Like if i were to make a facebook app and then while the person is “waiting” for there app to start there could be adds and I could make some money? Is this possible

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

It is hard to integrate adsense. I use rockyou ads for my apps

Joseph asks…

How hard is it to design and program an application like Mafia Wars or Farmville used on Facebook?

How hard is this to learn how to do with minor knowledge of programming. Is there a book or something that I can learn from? Also, if I can not do this myself, how much would it cost to have someone create this for me.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Before we begin, there are a few things you need to know. In order to create a Facebook application, you should know or need the following:

You should be well versed in PHP or some other coding language — such as Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, or Python — especially one that has a client library for our API.
You need to have a basic understanding of the Internet, SSH, MySQL, and Unix
You need to be familiar with Web hosting fundamentals and have a place to host your application. You can read some fundamentals about hosting here
Now you’re ready to get started! You can read in depth instructions on the Facebook Developers Wiki, but this outline here should give you good enough idea to get you going.

To have someone else do it for you, expect it to be in the thousands

Donna asks…

help me to correct the gramm errors of my essay?

When I was six years old boy,my father bought me a Sega Mega Drive 2.It was an expensive luxurious game console at the time.I often sat in front of this console and spent several hours playing video games.The most favorite one was a Lion King .A funny Walt Disney’s adventure game where a lion passes throughout a jungle and finally fights with his uncle who betrayed his father and killed him.It was a wonderful feeling to know that by just pressing navigation buttons I could control the movements of a lion on the TV screen.This is when my first interests in technology arose.At highschool my most favorite subjects were physics and informatics.I spent long but still delightful hours solving physics complex problems or reading every physicist-have-to-know book Serway which weighs approximately two kilograms.I remember times when I got stuck in one question and found solution in my dream.In fact I got interested in physics so much that I “accidentally” have placed first in Physics Republic Olympiad twice.In tenth grade I was one of rarest students who could look at long code written in the blackboard once and rewrite it without looking back.Creating simple logical games in Pascal programming language with my friend was one of my habits.
All my passions converge into one point that dictates me to pursue computer science as major field of study and to find the place where I have a great college experience.I am willing to be at the university where I can use sophisticated lab equipment where professors are not robots lecturing with no emotion at all where students are supportive and enthusiastic.Well,US liberal arts colleges and universities are the ideal place to study because they offer opportunities for both intellectual and personal growth.My dream is to earn a BS degree at some leading liberal arts college .The main reason of my choiceis that Liberal arts colleges are generaly smaller in size along with tutoring and review sessions. Then I am planning to go to graduate school to get MBA.After graduation I want to work for some ?nternet company in the near future like Google or Facebook that is why I have to be prepared for the future potential challenges of a globalizing world.To be ready for obstacles of a work force market a person must have not just a good educational background ,but he must be full of insightful personal experience.US college communities consist of diverse people .In my opinion it is a great joy to live in a campus which is both rich in culuture and international student body.Application process as I am concerned is both time and money consuming.Although I do not m?nd about time ,the cost of applying is too much for me.Due to the my financial difficulties I can not afford the TOEFL,SAT,application fees.My father is unemployed,I work in part-time job and my earnings are not sufficient even to sustain myself.I am really looking forward to get this grant.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Some corrections:

– When I was a six year-old boy …

– This was when I first got interested in technology, instead of “This is when my first interests in technology arose.”

– In high school, my most favorite subjects were physics and informatics.

– I spent long but still delightful hours solving complex physics problems or reading the “what-every-physicist-has-to-know” book, Serway (I’m guessing this is the title of the book), which weighs approximately two kilograms.

– I remember when I got stuck in one question and found the solution in my dream.

– … I “accidentally” placed first in the Physics Republic Olympiad twice.

– In tenth grade, I was one of the rare students who could look once at a long code written on the blackboard and rewrite it without looking back.

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