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Mark asks…

Is there any way I can remove the advertisements on facebook without downloading any “scripts”?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

I am not sure what you mean by scripts. But there is not a way to block ads without plugins (as far as I know). What you can do, though, is switch to firefox. Once you have installed it, go to “tools”, click on add-ons, then “get add-ons” tab. Then search for adblock and install it. Then right click the red ABP sign that should be on the top right of the firefox window after restarting firefox and go to preferences. Then click on filters menu on top left and click on add filter subscription. Then you can select and add one of the subscriptions, and almost all ads on any website will be gone.

You can easily turn it off for websites (if adblock accidentally blocks something that’s important) by middle clicking on the abp icon or right clicking on it and clicking on “enable adblock plus) toggle.

Mandy asks…

How do I remove ads that suddenly kept appearing in almost all web pages in my browser?

I just noticed that there is an independent source of advertisement that is messing with the web pages on my pc. I am using Google Chrome, and the ad appears on many website I usually visit, such as facebook and wikipedia. At the bottom left corner of the ads, it says “ads not by this site”. It is different in facebook since it says “ads not by facebook

How do I remove it..?
Obviously, these ads have no “x” sign.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Download spybot s&d. It will remove adware from your pc. Its the best out there

Ken asks…

How to remove and ads on Facebook etc.?

Please help me. Someone had liked something on Facebook and I clicked on it and it said download to see the video. Stupidly, I did. And now I have loads of advertisements on my Facebook. For example, there are things for singles dating or whatever and things like that. When I click them it says things such as waiting for etc. and they’re on other websites too. I have tried everything: Using Norton, Using CCleaner, Going on Tools and Internet Options and blocking adyieldmanger but nothing is working!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

You should better switch to firefox and install a Pop-Up blocker.

Jenny asks…

how do I get rid of Facebook lite? ?

by mistake I clicked on that advertisement of Facebook lite and now I just can’t remove it…..PLEASE HELP!!!
there was an advertisement of Facebook lite …….so I clicked on it just to see what was so great ’bout it……..but now it just won’t go……I really need help… stupid answers please….i would be really thankful if your answer is useful ……

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Log on to your facebook .. It will automattically take you to face booklite… I figure out this is your problem..if i am rght.. Follow is your solution….Log onto facebook lite.. There will be settings tab…. Mostly on right hand top next to search in facebook lite on it.. There will be an option called default site… Click on it.. Then there will be check box for facebook normal and facebookk lite .. Check facebook normal.. This will sove ur problem/..

Donna asks…

How do I remove advertisements etc?

Everytime I open my email I get all of these ads (10 girls in ?? with pics.) Names of facebook contacts—Do I have to change my address to get rid of them?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Mark them Spam. On the mail screen over to the right, click Options then click Mail or more options. In the center of the page under General uncheck the the box to Enable Updates. Click Save Changes upper left.

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