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Lisa asks…

Facebook complaints – Email?

A ‘friend’ of mine recently took a picture off my Facebook account, manipulated it so that it was offensive to me, and posted it. I’ve reported it, but it seems this process isn’t quick enough, and I desperately want it removed. The photo used was one I was tagged in by someone else. Is there an email I can use to contact Facebook, and have they broken any of Facebooks guidlines of use? Thanks

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Go to his/her profile and report abuse
or u can simply report abuse on da pic itself

Mandy asks…

how can i contact facebook?

look guys i have a complaint… facebook makes me take these secrurity tests its pissing me off and i can get around it… where can i go to email them my complaint? or do u have any other suggestions?
btw i cant login because i keep getting the qestions wrong:p

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Just write it on your wall, or if there is a group(s) called facebook write it on those.
Dear Facebook…

Mark asks…

HELP PLEASE! how do i contact facebook to send a complaint?

i know ive asked this already but i jus made this yahoo account, so i dont know how to reply.
i really need to change my name on facebook, due to privacy issues, and professional set up.
i already went to the help center and clicked everything. NO help. i really just want to send in a complaint or email someone specific who can get my name changed ASAP.
i have TRIED go to account setting and change it, i have changed it before. it is saying i have exceeded my limit. but i was wondering if there is any way that i could.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

To change your name you just need to go to the Account Settings page

Susan asks…

Contact emails for Facebook?

Please, I need to contact them urgently – I have a complaint.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

If they had an email for complaints, their systems would be overloaded

it would be more efficient for you to just ask your direct question in a topic here, because getting in contact with an actual human who works at facebook is almost impossible

Charles asks…

Facebook was disabled after my account was hacked again never had a responce can i sue for customer neglagence?

I have had my account hacked several times. I had to re-so my account and I now change my password weekly. I have run several virus scans and run all of my laptops updates to ensure up to date protection. My complaint is that now my account has been disabled for violation of terms of use…. OK, I have again wrote to facebook, asking them to re-activate the account. I have never had a reply after trying several email addresses and being extremely polite. I am now contemplating taking this further, as I believe a giant organization such as facebook has no standered customer complaints procedures., After research on the internet, it appears that there are hundreds of people who have tried to get in contact with facebook, and in some cases it takes 60+ for a complaint to be dealt with ot not at all. This is ludicrous for a company that can boast the highest member rate of any social NETWORKING sight. I want a standered complaints procedure to be implemented on the website, and I would like advice on how I can do this. Kindest regards, Jonathan.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

You want to sue? Dont you think thats just a little extreme ? Why not use a different social networking site?

Or make another facebook profile,it takes like 10 min.

I hope this is not a serious question.

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