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Helen asks…

How do i log into my facebook email account?

I finally signed up for a twitter account but i forgot my password the next time i went to log in. when i signed up, i used my facebook email address because i’ve never really used email and it was the only one i had. when i clicked “forgot password” on the twitter log in page, it sent an email to my facebook email but i dont know where to find it. can anyone help me please? thank you for your time!!!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

You dont need to login as facebonk email cuz when you got your username as email add of facebook thats mean any facebook friend can send you email via those email acts how alread add in your friend profile.
As you know your facebook msg service its recive in your facebook inbox just login to your facebook ac as you do and add me as your friend ~

Lizzie asks…

Can i delete my facebook and start a new 1 using same email address?

Made a business account but didn’t know that people wouldn’t be able to send me private messages, I now want to change it to a personal account. can I do this using the same email address, reason being the email address and facebook page are already out on fliers so would need to be same? thanks for help:D

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Yes. But it takes two weeks to for your account to be deleted.

Betty asks…

I clicked on one of those facebook things, and now I keep getting spam emails in my facebook email on yahoo?

I clicked on a “this picture will make you cry” things on facebook and the email address used mainly for facebook notifications is getting tons of spam. How can I stop these stupid pointless emails?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks soooo much if you can help me!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Click on your avatar pic
Click View Pulse
Click Settings on the right side of the Pulse page, on the black line

Scan down the page just a little.
The 4 topic there is Notifications
Click email notifications, and then set your preferences.

Also on Settings…
You might also view the updates> manage updates
Uncheck the box that says ” share my updates”
This keeps your postings around the internet ( Facebook,Yahoo Answers etc) from posting on search engines.

Ruth asks…

Umm I can’t seem to find my personalized email address for Facebook to upload pictures?

I had to reset my Facebook mobile and now I can’t find out how to get my new personalized email address? I went to the Facebook Mobile page but it doesn’t show your personalized address anymore? Can someone help me to find it? I’d really appreciate!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Go to the little box where you post your status at (underneath the notifications and “people you may know area”.) directly below that should be 2 little icons that say check in and photos. Click on photos. Scroll down on that page and it should be there. Hope this helps you out cuz when i started fb mobile i didnt even know how to upload pix. But i learned :)

Richard asks…

How to access your facebook when your email address was deleted?

My email address was deleted recently for some reason. And now I can’t acess my facebook. HELP!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

.’. If u registered with phone u can access facebook it not u cant

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