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James asks…

Why is my facebook saying that I “like” these pages when I never “liked” them?

I only notice it when random pages are showing on the new feed, but when I go into my info section of my profile, or go to the facebook pages site, it shows a bunch of pages that i have never liked! Of course I go and unlike them, but a couple days later when i check, there are a bunch of other pages that I have apparently “liked”.

and it is getting pretty annoying. i’ve already searched google and i know lots of other people have had the same problem – they’ve been told that they’ve been hacked, but that makes absolutely no sense to me, as i’ve changed my password and it still occurs…

anyone have any clue to what is happening? is it a new facebook thing that lets these facebook pages promote themselves by making people like their pages without their knowledge?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Actually, I believe there is a bizarre scheme in place where websites you visit – even when not logged into Facebook – are associated with your account. I wasn’t aware they made you Like them automatically – this may be new.

The question to ask is whether these are sites you visit or not. If you’re suddenly liking sites you’ve never heard of, you might want to review your security settings.

Steven asks…

where do all the websites like facebook, yahoo, google, myspace e.t.c. store peoples profiles and pages.?

I am one of those people who don’t know anything about the internet. I just go to my facebook page and all my other sites with out knowing how these sites work. I don’t know how facebook other sites save billions of peoples profiles. where do they do it? I would like to know how these sites work to just educate myself of these things. tell me as much as you can!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Lots and lots and lots of servers

John asks…

Do those facebook like page sites make money?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Yes they do! They make a ton of money off the advertisment! Facebook averages about 500 million each year for it, and lets not even talk about youtube….

Thomas asks…

Do you think it is right for job interviewers to look at personal sites like facebook?

i heard about some job interviewers looking at people’s facebook pages before hiring. I think it’s an invasion of privacy. what do you guys think

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

No i don’t think it’s right because it is an invasion of privacy.
However this is a possible risk of being on facebook and can happen anytime. The best thing you can do if you apply for a job is to keep your facebook as professional as possble. Ok I helped terry out.
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Betty asks…

What are the facebook “like” pages that lead to other sites?

Being someone who is very aware of the bullcrap that goes on on Facebook, I refuse to like or click on the “likepages that take you out of the site to a separate page. They may have been around a while but they just started cropping up with my friends liking them.

What are they, exactly? Are the viruses, or just spyware that hacks your page? I can’t imagine they are any good, as they are rather tricking you into connecting to their sites.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

No, for the most part they are not viruses, malware, worms, etc. Website builders can place a facebook “like” button on their page – so that they can track how many people like their site (it is not as common as “Digg” “Retwitt” and “Buzz” that you see on most websites, but it is there. Also, there are some sites built for just “liking” pages on facebook, such as the ones that you are probably at:

I’m not saying they are all safe but the majority of them aren’t horribly bad. They just recently starting gaining a lot of popularity in the same way facebook groups gain popularity.

Its people looking to be “liked” in other words, haha

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