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Joseph asks…

Why wont facebook games work?

facebook wont let me play any of my games! every time i click on one, it asks me to login again and when i do it says that my cookies aren’t enabled! ive already enabled all cookies so i don’t know what else to do…id really appreciate the help (i have windows vista if that helps at all O.o)

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Clean up your cache and try again. Also try to log out and then, in your account.

I hope that helps!

Mary asks…

Im trying to play games on facebook?

and everytime I click a link i get redirected to a flashing “blank page” with the facebook login page! Something must have recenlty changed because it didnt do it before….does any one have a fix??? Please help!!!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:


Log-in to your Facebook account.

Click “Account,” followed by “Privacy Settings.”

Locate the “Applications” subheading and click “Edit your settings.”

Click “Edit Settings” beside the game you wish to reset, followed by “Remove Application.”

Click the search bar at the very top of the page. Type in the application name and click it when the result appears on your screen.

Click “Allow” when asked to install the application. This re-installation resets your information and the game itself.

Lisa asks…

How do I get gold coins in Buddypoke game on Facebook?

I really don’t know how. I just get 1 gold coin on daily login bonus. The offers are not available anymore. HOW? I only have 11 facebook credits and I want to have many gold coins!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Go to there Face Book Page and post your question on there wall

BuddyPoke on Facebook | Facebook

Sandra asks…

Is GTA San Andreas Multiplayer on facebook true or scam?

Every I login on my facebook account, some of my friends send request about GTA San Andreas Multiplayer? What happens if I play the game, is it real GTA or just a scam?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

I am a member of SAMP(San-Andreas MultiPlayer). As I know that we never started a SAMP application on FB, so this means that its unofficial. It is a fake application which just has a picture on it which is also copyrighted made by SAMP founder Kalcor(Kye).

Sharon asks…

On facebook why does it keep asking me to log In?

It keeps saying login in to continue every time i try opening stuff, like games, my profile, and all that stuff. Can anyone help please?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Someone Could be Trying to Get into your account Usally when facebook is signed into 2 computers one will kick the other off what i would recommend doing is change your password and that will lock them out if that doesint work contact the facebook help center

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