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David asks…

what did they do with my facebook account?!?

i have facebook for over a year now. today, i tried to login, but they said that they deactivated my account and that i have to verrify my mail, which i did. after that, when i signed in, everything was different on my homepage! they returned everything in january, i had only 50 friends, and some of them were ppl i deleted a long time ago! also, there was an old profile picture of me and no other albums, which i had 5. on the other hand, my friend tells me that he sees everything normally, he sees that i have 170 friends like i used to and all my photo albums are there. what the hell is going on?! why other ppl can se my facebook normally and i’m returned in january? -_-

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Click on the help link and describe ur problem to the facebook authority . They would do something

Betty asks…

Facebook not loading!! Please help!!!?

I can go on the site but when I login it freezes ang goes back to homepage. I tried refreshing and restarting my computer. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHAT TO DO?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:


Carol asks…

I need help with logging into Facebook…?

For the past four or five days, whenever I type in my login information and hit enter (or click login) the site is completely unresponsive. The furthest I have gotten is to a blank homepage where only the top and bottom toolbars are visible. From that point, I can click on my name to access my profile but I can’t go anywhere from there, its like everything is just dead. I am not having problems with anything else on my computer or the internet, I have tried logging in on three different (fully updated) browsers, I have cleared my cache and cookies numerous times, and all of my software is fully up to date. Please help!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

I am having the exact same problem. We have 2 computers. Sometimes I used to not be able to access with main computer but stll could from the other one. Not anymore. Can’t access. Very frustrating. Haven’t tried from someone elses house yet.
I don’t get past the login page. Anyone ????

Laura asks…

My face book is screwed up ?

Ok when I login my face and at the homepage it says one freind request and when i click on it , it does the same thing over and over and it never goes away i dont freeken know why it does i tried contacting facebook but that s**t didnt work so Know here I am asking
plelase help.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

You have to confirm or decline the request

Sandy asks…

Why isnt she answering my email?

OK so I started thinking about the old days of when I was in elementary school (I’m 34 now) and I found this girl who I sat next too in the 5th grade!! We havent seen or spoke in 20 years so I thought it’d be cool to email her facebook. That was 6 days ago…no answer, so I said I’ll try her myspace…3 days ago, and no answer. Her last login on myspace was today, and my message I sent her says “unread”.

Why would she not answer my emails to her facebook or myspace? I thought she’d be happy to hear from me!! Her homepage says how warm she is to people too…yeah right, LOL.

Don’t people check their inboxes when they log into myspace? It says she logged in today, so I see no reason why she wouldnt respond or even READ my email. Any thoughts?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

It depends, what was the label of your email? It might have alot to do with the title. If you want to send her another one, and put the name of the school in the title, and say something like:

Hey….her name….do you remember… of school…..this is…..your name.

Otherwise she is leary of opening an email because there are viruses out there. I wouldn’t open one so easily without knowing for sure.


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