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Susan asks…

Why could not i open a new facebook account?

i wanna open a new account but could not
each time there is this damn box sayin me that my name will not be accepted

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Is there already an account associated with that email address? If so, that may be the problem.

Nancy asks…

How do i remove my phone number from my old facebook account and put it on my new one?

I made a new facebook and i’m trying to put my phone number on there but it keeps on saying “this number is already use from another account
I even delete the number from my old facebook account!
I need help!!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Add a extra number or # at the end, have you deleted your whole account?

Michael asks…

hey can u say me how 2 open a new facebook account.. plz help?

I want to open a new account of Facebook. So please help me and say how to open. Can you help it out?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook in 2004, at present the second most popular social networking site next only to Google. At that time American Colleges used to publish details like photos, addresses of the students of the college in the form of a book called Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg gave the same name to its social networking site to make it popular among the people. Popular institutions like Paypal and Microsoft have invested money in this Facebook social networking site.

In Facebook any body can open account by registering in it. You can use this Facebook account to make friendship with your friends. It also provide the beautiful option of maintaining friendships with the friends of your friends and even their friends and so on. You can become fan to others and you can make some others to follow you. The limit for fan following in Facebook is 5000. If this limit crosses even you can freely open another account without any problem. Facebook allows any body to open any number of accounts and it don’t object. Facebook allow you to make so many creative activities on internet. Through Facebook we can in touch with our friends, relatives, our favorite celebrities. You can comment upon others posts and even you can conduct polls on different issues. You can join in fans clubs. You can introduce your favorite games, applications etc. To your friends and even you can import from your friends. You can make any important announcements of your life or daily activities through your Facebook to all at once. No other Social network has got such attraction at present as Facebook because it include so many attractive features with very good security option.

It is very simple to join just make an email id on gmail and then use same id to make a account on facebook. For more information about how to use facebook safely, read below information.

David asks…

I made a new facebook account and I don’t know how to add the girl I like in facebook?

Can someone help me I just made a facebook account and I don’t know what to do.I like a girl in my class and how am I suppose to know that that is the girl that I like?please help me.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

When you searched her full name how many results came up? A good thing to do is go through them and see if you recognize the picture. If not(or if some people’s privacy setting are too high) look at the Networks. Her’s should be the school you go to, or the town/city she lives in:)

When sending the friend request, if you’re still not sure you have the right person, add a message that reads something like “Hey, this is ___ from ___ class!” If it’s the wrong person they’ll likely just ignore it.

If it’s the right person and she still ignores it she’s just not into you:P

Steven asks…

How do I get rid of the “education and work” section on my new facebook account?

and the “arts and entertainment” section too
I haven’t added any info yet. When I select profile it still has the sections on there. Also my friends cannot post on my wall.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

You go to Your profile then you see up the top your currant education and work at the top of your page you click on then edit profile then on the left there is a selection of things for you to edit you then click on the work and education and it comes up with it you go by it and it comes up with an cross that’s how you can delete it o you cun click on edit to edit it and the arts and Entertainment you click on the thing you don’t want and on the right it says remove and you can remove it

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