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William asks…

how to wish My boyfriend Happy Birthday over Facebook !?

I started going out with this guy, like legit, 24 hours ago. But this morning he left for camp for a couple days. And todays his birthday. So I was thinking of a creative, yet non flashy and not stalker kind of way of wishing him a happy birthday? I dont wanna be like, “I miss you, come home, love you!” cause we just started a day ago… My friend told me to take a picture of myself with a sign that says “Happy birthday :)”. Is that good? Any ideas?
I wouldn’t say I love you. But everyone I know, throws that word around likes it nothing, and usually, as soon as two people are going out they write “I love you!” all over there status and walls and text it to each other. I was saying im not doing that cause its just stupid.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Write “happy birthday” on his wall…..

Ruth asks…

Facebook problem, PLEASE HELP!!? Happy Birthday! Learn About Your Adult Facebook Account?!?

Ok, so this computer man came yesterday and installed some software onto my laptop, and then when i opened google chrome all my shortcuts were gone, so i thought that was strange, but the main problem was when i went on facebook i had to log in, it usually automatically signs me in, so i signed in, and it just came up with this message:

Happy Birthday!

Learn About Your Adult Facebook Account

When you were a minor, we limited your communication to friends of friends.
Now that you’re an adult:

You can communicate with anyone on Facebook—not just Friends of Friends
You can tag anyone on Facebook and they can tag you
Everyone can see when you’re tagged in a Public post

Learn More

And it had an OK button, so i clicked it, but all it did was take me to that message, so, because it said it was my birthday, i waited till tomorrow, but its still there!?! Yesterday the computer man installed CCleaner and Samsung Recovery Solution 5. I don’t know how they could affect this problem very much though, i guess it explains the shortcut problem, but not the facebook one.

If you have any idea on how to fix this then please post it down below.
Thanks a lot
BTW: I’m not an adult and my birthday is nowhere near yesterday, so i’m pretty sure it is a bug.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Thats A strange message Make Sure you are Logging onto the Right Facebook and not a fake Facebook site look at the address box make sure it says if it does not than its a fake facebook site i would also recommend doing a virus and spywere scann as you mite have one on your computer there is no such thing as a adult facebook

Daniel asks…

Can I say happy birthday on facebook to a girl that like but we haven’t talked to each other?

She has a boyfriend and we both like each other but when I tried to talk to her for the first time it was on facebook and I sent her message and she didn’t reply and signed out. But I think she was with her boyfriend.
that I like***

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Saying Happy Birthday to a girl you like doesn’t really mean you want to get in her pants, right? No.
So yes, definitely. She’ll think you’re sweet and she’ll remember that in the long run if her and her boyfriend breakup.

Maria asks…

Should I wish this guy a happy birthday on facebook?

I met this guy abroad last summer and made a bad impression. He was trying to be really nice and mature but I wasn’t acting normal cause he was so cute and I was upset about something else when I was talking to him. So I added him on facebook and it took him like, 1 month to accept me even though we had 2 mutual friends (who I had also met that same night). When I talked to him on chat I had to remind him who I was and he cut the convo short, saying it was 3 am and just signed off without me responding. Do you think he would mind if I wrote on his wall for his bday? Do you think he would find me annoying? I say happy birthday to practically everyone on my facebook.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Do it!

Susan asks…

Ex wishing happy birthday via text vs facebook?

If i was going to wish an ex a happy birthday I’d do it on facebook not over text but my ex who ended things for no real reason (I think she was scared of getting hurt like that last guy did to her) sent me a text saying “Hey Happy Birthday! :) hope you had a good one”. The only other times we’ve talked is when I asked her how she was doing and that we should meet up for lunch just as friends and she seemed very friendly and willing to set it up, and then when she almost had to go into urgent care in the hospital she texted to check if she was pregnant and told me she had high fever and chest pains (not pregnancy signs). Makes me wonder if she was seeing if I cared or not.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

It sounds like she is trying to be friends with you:)

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