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Sharon asks…

what percent am in for net worth uk?

hi i am 13 and was wondering what percent am i in in the UK for my net worth
i don’t own property but since my mom (she was in navy and worked in communications) died i got her pension, house (sold it) so i have £400,000 in monies and £100000 on the stock market so i figure its £500000 what percent am i in. and would i be considered rich. not bragging or wanting to be called a rich brat just wondering thanks. btw my mom and dad split so i got everything.
for those calling me trolling, your idiots :P you dont know shit

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Yet another useless troll…..

Mark asks…

I want a better life.?

Hey, I want to live a better life,so do my parents, even if it means moving half way around the world. I live in Ireland.
I have no friends. I feel that the weather is depressing, I dont get along with the people here. I find that theres little to do. All my aunts and uncles have sadly passed away, so theres no family left here. we all want to move country to start it fresh.
I speak english (ha obviously :D), and I can speak french (almost fluently, but get stuck on some words but can get around) & my mom speaks fluent spanish. I like to play tennis, have an interest in architecture and art. My parents and I like the idea of being beside the coast. My dad likes golf, and both I and my dad like swimming. My moms a keen cook, so somewhere that has a good cuisine, she also likes the beach and to travel(good airport connections),We all like to walk and explore, so would like somewhere with a good climate and nice scenery. Where could we move to and what else would we need to consider, my parents have retired so are sufficient with there pension, I am 23, and will finish my architectural studies next year, with a Bsc (archi science) &MArch, So I will be then a fully qualified architect :D, s a place with good architectural opportunities would be fabulous. If we sell our house now, it would be worth around €1120000 (so this would be how much we would have for a house budget and all the relevant moving costs), and will probably be worth more next year as we are coming back out of recession (we hope :S).
Thanks for your help in advance.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

South Carolina, USA. Why not?

Helen asks…

I browbeat my wife into a palsy financial agreement 11 yers ago. Now I’v sold the house and want to keep all t?

I hid money and savings from her but gave her £8000 in total. I brow -beat her into signing her rights away for my pension and also any claims on the house. she signed this on a small pieace of paper. She was so afraid, she settled without problem. Now I have sold the house, I want all the proceeds for myself. Can she go to a lawyer to back her up and takes me to court for forcing her into her decision? She is a nervous wreck of a woman, but I woder if with a strong lawyer she could win. Her last one was a mouse.
I did tell her that she could come into the house for something to eat. I also told her that she could come back, She signed a bit of paper saying she would not touch my pension, my bank accounts and my daughter wirnessed it. Lawyers cost a lot of money, but I feel she will look an even bigger clown that she is if she tries it. Why should I give her money when I am getting nothing in return? All this is mine, I worked for it. She only worked and cleaned the house for the kids, That was her choice to buy the kids stuff instead of putting it into savings.
I feel nobody understands? I married this woman while she was pregant with my child. I did not love her, but she was a good housekeeper, cook and mother. She decorated the house by herself, did all repairs and gardening. She sewed and knitted all the kids clothes, but demandede monet for shoes for them. Then she got work to pay for these things, but expected mt to stay in to watch her kids. I was young and had a social life. i‘m a good looking guy with lots of girlfriends. Then, once the kids grew up, she sneaked out in the middle of the night with only her clothes ans left a note saying not to contact her. I was left to buy food and clothes for myself, pay bills and the mortgage. She agreed if I left her alone she wanted nothing else. ….signed on the bit of paper. Now that I have sold the house I am wondering if she has found false bravery and will re-open this case. I feel she don’t stand a chance…I still got that piece of paper to prove it. I think she is jealous now

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

I hope she’ll get a good lawyer this time and gets what she deserves (and so should you).

Mary asks…

want to move out but dont want to leave mum, help!?

Ok so im 18, have a 16 mth old baby and pregnant again due in july 2011. I live with my mum, 14yo brother, 23yo boyfriend and our baby girl. The house is cramped to say the least and i feel im ready to move out. Problem is, mum is on a pension and is having real problems paying off the house and only i can help her out which i am doing, if i got my own place i cant possibly pay for my house and hers its too expensive. I dont want to dump my poor mum as she has done without for years for us kids and we are all she has. selling up and moving into something cheaper isnt an option for her as she has one of the cheapest houses you could imagine lol and its still too expensive. I would move out probably without my boyfriend because he likes to control the money a lot and has been calling me stupid and a skank recently which i am not impressed with but good luck talking to him about it it only turns into a fight. So… here i am stuck… can’t get rid of the boyfriend, can’t help mum unless im living under her roof and its just not working what do i do

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

You should try to help your mom,no matter how difficult it is,especially if your all shes got.try to find as many ways to help her even if its with something small.kick your boyfriend in the nuts and show him you wont have him call you a skank,and congratulations.

Steven asks…

financial advice needed?

i am renting out my property and went back to live with my parents.
I get 600 euro a month for my rent after tax (1300nzd) a month.
My property is worth 280,000 euro (608,000nzd) should i sell it instead of renting it?
My goal is to have money in the future, since i don’t believe that people will get a decent pension in the future.So, if i sell i don’t want to spend the money i‘ll get from the house.
p.s i am 32 years old.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

If your thinking long-term say 10, 20 years from now, then don’t sell it. Markets, realestate or otherwise, move in cycles. Prices may dip down right now, but if you get scared and sell you’ll regret it in the long term.

Judging by the price, your property is either very big, or situated in a large city of sorts. Or maybe both. You should take into consideration urban developement as well.

For example, I live in a major city, 300k+ inhabitants. I also own a property with some land just outside the city, in a rural area. Two years ago the net worth of that property was about 150k euros. My parents were pressuring for a sale, so we could buy a house somewhere in town.

People were buying property then, and there were very big investments in that tiny rural area. Hotels, clubs, etc. Right now the net worth of the property is over 200k. There is not much land left around there for sale.

Realestate is a perfectly good long-term investment. Especially housing and apartments in developing urban areas. Uness you really need the cash, don’t sell it, rent it. The only reason to sell it would be if there were problems with the area where it’s located.

As for needing money in the future, think about it. If you sell your property, what would you do with the money? Invest it in treasury bonds? Nothing you invest in can give you the profit margin you get by leaving it alone and collecting rent, while it’s value increases over time. That is, unless your an awesome stock or futures trader.

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