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Sandy asks…

Facebook recovery’s email?

I’m confused. so i forgot my old password, and i am on the recovery step. so, what email i should use to login on my fb? thanks

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Once you first created your account, you need to use the same email address for your Facebook account.

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

If an old friend contacted you after 20 years, would you be creeped out?

I found a girl I sat next to in 5th grade recently and wanted to say hello. I sat next to her in 5th grade 20 years ago!! So I emailed her facebook…no answer after 6 days. So I tried myspace…3 days, no answer but her last login was TODAY and my message reads “unread”.

Whats the deal? Someone said mabye I creeped her out. Why would saying hi to someone creep you out? Youd have to think VERY highly of yourself to even believe that. Am I wrong?

Why isnt she answering my email? I think its weird on her end to not even acknowledge me. Kind of sad for her, actually. Shows what kind of person she became I guess.

Any reason why she wouldnt answer me? I just wanted to see how she was doing after all this time, is that so bad?
And why would she think I’m a stalker, you

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

No, 36 years didn’t creep me out but now he keeps texting nonstop and it’s kinda buggin me.

Laura asks…

Question about my yahoo id on yahoo answers?

So iv just got a new email address so I deleted my old one from my list of email addresses and set my new one as the primary email address.

However for some odd reason it still wants me to login with my old e-mail address that I no longer use. How can i set my login to my new email address.

On facebook when you change your email address it changes it on your login as well so I cant see why it wouldn’t work on here.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Thizz ain’t Facebook thizz YouTube haha

Carol asks…

I’m bored with nothing to do?

Hi i’m a 13 yr old guy. When I’m bored, I usually grab my laptop and login to facebook or something else online but it’s just like an addiction, i dont even like facebook that much, I just want to get ocuppied and do something. I’ve been in the computer all day long and I dont have anything better to do because I’m sick and can’t go outside.

pd: don’t answer masturbate or porn or anything similar

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Here is some great sites to visit when your bored.

Http:// Lots of things including games Lots of facts Lots of statuses for your Facebook Lots of banners for your Facebook Real Disaster Date Stories Funny Newspaper Clips

Check this out for Funny Yahoo Answers and Questions

Sandra asks…

Family problems)':?Please help?

Okay I got introuble with my parents for sneaking out while they were gone and for calling my mom a bad mother cause she wouldn’t listen to me.So my mom went to my school and asked them “for help” with me.Because she said she couldn’t handle me anymore.So idk who they are but my mom told me “they”(their something to do with the police?) went to our house while I was at school and asked all my family members about me.And how I acted at home.And my mom didn’t talked to me for about a week?which was strange.One day my older brother admitted that the police or sum had my stuff locked up for now,& that they had my Facebook login.Later my mom started talking to me and she also told me they had two cameras in the house to check my attitude at home and they had one outside.What I’m asking is….Are they polices or like a social worker?& When will I get my stuff back?!?!?i think my mom over reacted,She don’t know how I feel and when I try talking to her she screams at me I try telling her how I actually feel and she says I’m stupid.cause this is how I feel…Like everythings my fault,And that i feel unaccepted,Idk how to explain it look I’m just a teen and I go through emotional phases’ and maybe I bring it out to much in my family.And don’t we all go through a rebellious phase when growing up!?yeaa!My mom just says that’s nonsense.And my parents arent really strict.I just want them to understand me.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Tell your mum: its called BEING A TEENAGER.

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