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George asks…

US Military disability pension question….automatic direct deposit….?

I usually get my US Military 100% service connected disability pension directly deposited into my bank account,on every 1st of the month,and its available to me no later than 8am on the 1st.,i noticed today (Iam overseas and 13 hours ahead of east coast USA time ) when i went online into my banking,,MY money was already deposited (1am east coast usa time on the 1st).and it was deposited on Feb 25th,,friday?? and feb is a very short month,,so i do not understand the reason behind a early monthly deposit,,,,the 1st is not a holiday,,or a sunday…??anyone else notice their direct deposit came early,,and why?? Iam just october we had 5 weeks in between checks,,but in february less than 4 weeks??in between checks?? biggie just curious as hell why?? and would like to know if this happened to anyone else…
luminous..i appreciate you answering,,BUT i highly doubt that answer,,,there has to be another answer,,the 1st has fallen on monday before and never got it early..therefore the 30th or 31st was on a sunday or saturday…maybe you right but seems doubtful…

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

The Government starts making deposits up to several business days ahead of when the actual pay date is. The actual time varies with Department and type of payment.

The Government dictates to financial institutions the latest time / date the deposit MUST be available to recipients, but does not dictate when the funds CAN be available between the electronic deposit from the Government and the must-be availability to the customer.

Most Banks will keep the funds in their system, drawing a couple of days of interest of ot them. A couple of days, multiplied by millions of accounts can add up to a pretty fair amount for the financial institutions involved.

Some Banks, like USAA, elect to deposit the funds into customer accounts almost immediately, thus giving the customer access to their funds sooner than most.

As the end-of-month was on a Monday, back up a couple of business days, and those banks that deposit into customer accounts a day or two (or three) early, then that is why you got your funds on Friday this pay period.

Donald asks…

Please help me to get reliable online jobs. Especially Data Entry.?

I am from Bangalore. I am physically handicapped by birth. Medically said that it may be Cerebral Palsy. I can’t walk independently and straightly.

I am not much qualified. For some domestic problems I could not complete my graduation. I have passed with in 2000. Anyway I have done some computer course. Now I am 30 yrs old. I am staying with my parents, sister and brother in my father’s own house.

I am self-employed with small DTP shop. But income is very low as it is in residential area. Shop is of a part of our house building. I am not fit to go out for job in this present situation. My father is retired from service. My sister is working in software company and leading her own life in her way. My brother is still studying in college. What I earn from shop is spend for house purpose. My father’s pension is not sufficient.

My mind is making me to think about myself. But I am dependent physically. I need someone but money plays a role first. I couldn’t save money for myself by this small income business. So I need to do some extra income to save for myself. And I want to do some home based job / business which gives good earnings.

Most of the time I spend on internet. So I am in need of online jobs. But most I find was scammed companies. I lost around Rs. 500/- for payment. Please help me to get reliable online job companies. Please clarify that is payment necessary for registration. Because I can’t pay more. Please suggest me about good data entry works where earning is guaranty and sure. I expect about Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- per month. Please help me.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

I joined a fundraiser that models itelf after how facebook and google make their money. Registry is free and the only thing people need to invest is their time. Anybody with a cell phone can do it. I’m loving it. This fundraiser never ends too. If you would like more information, this short video will answer all the questions. It was my first impression with this fundraiser. I also left my facebook group on the fundraiser in the sources. I also left the signup page.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Mark asks…

New York Question: How about we take way these ridiculous ****** pensions that city workers get?

I’m from New York and so now we are going to get taxed to hell to pay for City pensions for people are most of us hate. They get a GED get a city job through a Union then work a job for 20 years, retire at 40-45 years then get 3/4s or 1/2 pay for YEARS after they retire.

Cops – scumbags
Train Clerks – useless and every year machines take over more and more of their duties (in many areas they get paid to sit there and do nothing)
Bus drivers – Miserable a**holes.
DMV workers – Miserable nothings
Unemployment Workers – I was unemployed in 2004 years and quit on them . I started using the online service.

Ironically the only ones who make a decent effort are the public assistance workers

So we have to get taxed to pay for BILLIONS in pensions while these people provide a transportation system that gets worse with every day that passes , not only that but their attitudes get worse and worse. What makes their 20 years of sh*t service deserving of that much money after they retire young but not my service? If I provide lousy services at my job I’d get fired.

The democrats are really starting to let me down man, real bad, and I’m a lifelong liberal.
Yutsnark – I’m not suggesting paying them less. I just have a problem with the extremely high tax funded pensions. These people retire making 45k a year at 42 years old then get 25k a year for the rest of their lives while going into private industry or flat sitting on their ass until they die 30 years later. They should have the pension reduced if they continue to work after they ‘retire’
Yutsnark – In my industry our pensions aren’t paid with taxes.
Weasel McWeasel – Please don’t leave bullsh*t responses. Cops now need two years of college education but they are basically bullies or high priced security guards. And as for tokens — we haven’t used them in over 10 years. You ever heard of a metrocard? Also, in this economy a vile of crack does not cost the price of two train rides

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Cops in New York, are “scumbags”???????

Dude…..I’m from New York……..and you wouldn’t want their job at ANY price! You try driving a bus thru Midtown at rush hour…….

You try sittng in some god forsaken subway booth in the Bronx where some crackhead would kill you for two tokens.

When you take those risks every day for 20 years , then we’ll see how you feel about those pensions.

And you WISH you could get on the NYPD with just a GED. Not a chance.

Sharon asks…

E-trade or Scottrade or What?

Both my Roth IRA and pension are maxed out and I’m interested in investing my mad money to both buy and sell some stocks. Which online brokerage service would you recommend because of both great service and affordability?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

They’re both good companies, but I would recommend Scottrade. Grant it, I am a little bias, but Scottrade’s reputation and service speaks for itself, and you can open an account with as little as a $500 deposit.

Also, Scottrade does not charge for inactive accounts or for account maintenance, and there are no minimum number of transactions(trades) required. Scottrade has a flat rate ($7) for most online market and limit equity orders, regardless of your trade frequency, account balance, or the number of shares in a transaction. You can compare the commissions/fees of several brokerage firms at: .

I hope you find this information useful. Please let me know if you have any additional questions. I’d be happy to help.


Carol asks…

Mayors Sound Alarm Over Drop in City Revenues where is all those billions in Hispanic buying power at?

WASHINGTON — Mayors from four U.S. cities said they are facing a once-in-a-generation fiscal crisis and that federal stimulus funds have, so far, been largely unhelpful in helping them balance budgets hit by steep drops in nearly every source of municipal revenue.

The comments, from mayors of Philadelphia, San Jose, Calif; Mesa, Ariz., and Bowling Green, Ky., at a panel discussion sponsored by the Brookings Institution and the National League of Cities, underscore how the recession for local government is far from over.

Mesa’s mayor, Scott Smith, said the steep drops in sales-tax revenue, the city’s primary source of money, are “changing our reality.”

“We treat this financial crisis as something we’re not going to get out of,” said Mr. Smith, whose city has about 500,000 citizens and is in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Even as economists declare the recession over, local revenues continue to fall. That’s because the lion’s share of their receipts — sales, income and property taxes — are connected to the job market and real-estate prices. Jobs and real-estate prices are expected to lag the broader economic recovery, reducing city revenues for months or years after the technical end of the recession.

“This is unknown for our generation,” said Chris Hoene, director of the center for research and innovation at the National League of Cities. Mr. Hoene said it was likely to be 18 to 24 months before local government revenues resume growing.

The mayors said deep budget gaps have forced them to make cuts to basic services including police and fire protection, that the financial crisis has turned cities and states against each other and that fiscal strains emphasize the need for money-saving changes to pension and health benefits in the heavily unionized public sector. “Change has to come and this moment of crisis is going to force it,” said Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia.

While federal stimulus funds have helped states close budget gaps and preserved jobs for many state and school-board employees, the mayors said federal money hasn’t done much to ease their day-to-day budget problems. “The stimulus is going to special things,” said Chuck Reed, mayor of San Jose.

Beyond budget and services cuts, the mayors discussed new ways to raise revenue at a time when incomes are stagnant and the national unemployment rate is at 10.2%. Philadelphia, for instance, has temporarily increased its sales tax while Mesa has levied a property tax for the first time.

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Everybody keeps talking about all this money, but so far nobody has shown us the money.Just another myth

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