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James asks…

wyhat healthcare provision is available for old people?

in lebanon ?? how do they get food ?? healthcare ?/ travel etc ?? is there a pensions scheme in place as there is in the uk ?? or do family members become responsible ??

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Anna, aged care is one of the biggest needs that has not yet been addressed properly by the government.

Yes, in general family takes charge of the elderly.

Alternatively, a big number of charity organisations step in and help out.
You can either tell me where he lives and I’ll trace the local charity organisation for you or you can go to an international one such as the Red cross, St vincent depaul, Caritas…. And they can put you in touch with their Lebanese branch.

Sandy asks…

shared ownership ex. ltd coy?

does anyone know of or have experience of shared ownership of residential or commercial property provided by pension scheme investors, venture capitalists or co-operatives – preferably in uk?

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Jenny asks…

Please help, in a bad financial situation. Need your answers PLEASE!?

I was in a Road traffic accident on the 8th December 08. I went back to work on the 3rd February, so i was off sick for 8 weeks. I get paid on the 15th of every month. On the 15th December i got paid my usual monthly pay of £720 (i got a bit more pay because i was refunded for 3 months of a pension scheme). On the 15th Jan i got paid £373.81, and on the 15th Feb i got paid £301.60. So something doesnt seem right to me, and it is for knowsley council that i work for. I get paid buttons as it is (i am a business administrator). It seems to me that i got paid the money that i worked for from the 3rd february to the 15th february, but no sick pay. And i provided doctors notes too. What should i do? I was off for eight weeks, so can they stop paying me sick pay after 6 weeks even though i have doctors notes? I live in the UK, England

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Check your employ handbook or company police on sick leave. Most companies only pay a set amount, not the actual amount that you are out sick. 6 weeks is incredibly long for sick leave, so cheers to getting that much. I only get 10 days. So yes, they CAN stop paying you no matter how many doctor notes you have.

Steven asks…

UK Do you like the sound of pre-school intervention by the government?

Judy’s Rabbit posted this question not long ago, but all I’m getting is “You cannot view this question at this time”. I think the Asker may have got suspended.

So I will ask it, and hope I can read some of the answers.

Questions I am particularly interested in are:

– how does the Government work out the social value of this scheme, without an exercise of consultants, box tickers, statisticians and quality controllers that would cost far more than the extra nurses and playgroup leaders?

– what precisely are we teaching the kids that would benefit them so much at primary school and beyond? Could we be buying indoctrination of 4-year-olds about sexual harassment and gender equality, or is it something that could pay for our pensions in 20 years time?

– even if these children were given a better education than that offered already in the last 100 years, how would pre-school intervention provide jobs for these children when they graduate from college?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Our kids are falling behind and something needs to be done. Other countries are way above us in education.
If starting our kids earlier will help, then they should start them early. I don’t want the USA to become a third world country and we are already on the way there if something is not done.

Other countries offer better education and medical. We are barley pulling up the rear in todays world.

Robert asks…

Should People Work For Their Benefits?

The long term unemployed would be forced to work for their benefits under plans outlined by the Conservatives.
People claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance for more than two years would have to do 12 months community work.
Tory leader David Cameron said he wanted to help people get back into work and end the “something for nothing culture” of benefit “dependency”.
But Work and Pensions Secretary Peter Hain said the scheme would be expensive and would not help people get jobs.

your thoughts on this

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Incapitated people can work but the quality of their work is below standard. People would soon start complaining that their work isn’t good enough.

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