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Michael asks…

are there other ways to get on myspace at school, not useing proxy? my school blocked all proxy webites.?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Http:// has a nice list :D

Donald asks…

games sites that are not blocked at school?

My school blocks EVERY game site I can think of, and it gets really boring at school when im done my work on the computer, MY SCHOOL EVEN BLOCKS PROXY SITES! are their any Game sites I can get to that are not blocked?

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Try then go to a-z of games some are blocked some arent its unblocked at my school

Donna asks…

how do you get past the internet security blocks at school? alot of proxy sites are blocked here…. help!!!!!

im trying to get onto bebo and stuff and it duzent let me. a cant even go on proxy sites!! i do not have the internet at home so this is my only alternative.. help!!!!

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Try this

Sandra asks…

How can i get on facebook, myspace and bebo at school. All the proxy sites i try to get on are blocked. Help !?

All the proxy sitfacebooki rty to get on at school are all blocked. Help me please by trying to give me some that will not be blocked and i can get on with my own buisness :D:D . xx

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

There is a reason that your school is blocking the proxy servers beyond trying to make your life miserable. See the link below.

Beyond that it is impossible to beat the system if it’s designed well and has competent IT people running it. As soon as you attach to a new proxy the first time your schools firewall will identify it, try and attach, realize its a proxy and block it.

You spend all your time searching for free proxy’s that work and the system shuts you down as soon as you use it. They don’t even break a sweat in the process. The odds are in their favor

Ruth asks…

access blocked sites at school without proxy!?

at my school NO PROXY WILL WORK none, not even if its new!
i would like to be able to acces facebook on my lunch and free periods, i understand that it is breaking the rules so dont lecture me. HOW CAN I GET ONTO BLOCKED SITES WITHOUT USING A PROXY OF ANY TYPE!!!???

Pension Release by Pension Forecast answers:

Her is what you need to do….
On your windows locate “cmd.exe”,, copy it then bring it to your school on a like flash drive…

When your at school open cmd then type..


and press enter… Then it should say an ip adress… Type the ip adress of the site in yourschool browser then your sorted…

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