Proxy Sites For School

by Pension Forecast

Maria asks…

What are some proxy sites for school so you can play games?

Almost every site is blocked for playing games or going on youtube. Does anyone know any proxy sites to go around this? Thanks

Pension Forecast answers:

Currently i use from proxies.They have both CGI and PHP proxies in them.
Very Reputable,SSL enabled, does provide new domains by just sending a mail to

I have used many proxy sites over the years be it PHP CGI glype watever,
Nowadays none seem to bypass the ever strong filters{ websense, K9 , bess},
some things one should observe when looking for a proxy site:

-Shouldn’t be a .info { filters by default block them coz most are proxy sites}
-Shouldnt contain the words proxy or others like myspace,orkut,bebo in it. { they keyword filter those}
-On the safe side should be a SSL encrypted ones {https sites filter find them difficult to scan}
-Should be a reputable provider and provide fresh domains update {So that proxy owners dont steal our information,
face the fact domains will get blocked eventually, so its necessary to provide new ones.}
-I would recommend CGI proxy , even if they are time consuming they give the desired results.

Happy Browsing , Hope I was of some help

Linda asks…

What are the best proxy sites for school besides ghostclick?

i need to bypass the school blocks and the only proxy tha really works at all is but it doesnt work that well.

Pension Forecast answers:

Here is a list of active proxy sites to unblock websites or to browse internet anonymously…

And if u want to make the proxy site also anonymous, i suggest u to go to

they dont have the word proxy or anonymous in the site – completely anonymous.

The other active sites are

1. Http://
2. Http://
3. Http://
4. Http://

also for webmasters- if u like to own a proxy site, just visit this site

happy browsing and i think it will help u a lot

James asks…

are there any unblocked proxy sites for school?

i want to play flash games in class during free time but all the good websites are blocked, and every proxy site i try is blocked too.

Pension Forecast answers:

Good and free proxies here-

Sandra asks…

I need some proxy sites for school?

No proxys work at my school and i was wondering if anyone knew some that might be unblocked, i need as many as possible, because everything seems to be blocked.

Pension Forecast answers:

Check this.

Helen asks…

What is some proxy sites schools haven’t blocked for 2011 yet in the system?

the ones i got from the other tweeters din’t work… can smebody please tell me

Pension Forecast answers:

This free proxy changes it’s IP every day.

The current address for today, 15th is:

You can get the daily address at these sites:

For great performance against tough internet filters that detect proxies use this service.


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