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Somehow NRMA had listed my vehicle as being garaged in Gymea, now get this, I didn’t have a policy with NRMA when I lived in the Sutherland Shire, I was with Allianz, I only made the switch to NRMA after having moved and I am pretty particular in regard to ensuring that my policy details are correct when it comes to dealing with insurance companies especially with a European vehicle.

Someone I use to work with had an accident when driving a motability car that was got for him to drive his daughter around. He could drive the car without her in it so long as he was doing the journey for her benefit. When she was in hospital had an accident on the way to visit her. Because this wasn’t classed as using the car for her the insurance was invalid and he had to cover the cost of repairing both vehicles. They also reviewed the DLA claim as a result of the accident.

Someone ran into the back of my partner’s car a few months ago. He’d never had this happen before and asked me what he should do. The person running into him had admitted liability and my partner said they were very nice, helpful and co-operative. I suggested that most people are co-operative at the point of impact but that this can later change when it comes to point where it’s going to cost them money.

Someone that lives in the barracks is allowed a car on there, but not on the port. If they go on course at HMS Excellent, they may be accommodated at HMS Sultan, so they are allowed to park on the accommodation side, but not on the Technical side, they are also not allowed to take a private car onto Excellent as there is transport from Sultan and parking is limited.

Someone to come out and help. If your vehicle cannot be made roadworthy immediately it will be taken to our nearest approved repairer. Your vehicle can be taken to a repairer of your choice if this is nearer, but this may lead to delays in arranging the repairs to your vehicle. An additional excess will apply in addition to any other excesses under this policy if the repairer chosen is not one of our approved repairers. We do not provide a courtesy vehicle if the repairer chosen is not one of our approved repairers, even if the courtesy vehicle option is shown in your schedule.

Something I’ve found in the course of my professional and personal interest in urban design is the attitude that garaging belongs with dormitory suburban sprawl and that walkable neighbourhoods will have their cars parked on the street. Both logic and my own observation suggest the opposite: cars parked on the street either get used a lot or they crumble to dust on the spot. If we consider it desirable that cars get used only occasionally it surely makes sense that they are properly garaged the rest of the time. There is really no logic in the notion that cars get used less when they are despised and more when they are treasured.

Sometimes cheap is just that- cheap. This means that in some cases you get what you pay for, and you could end up buying an insurance policy from a company with a lot of hidden fees. What’s more, there are some companies that place a clause in their policy that they can raise your rates if they deem your initial application to be incorrect. This can lead to higher rates than initially expected.