What Year Can I Retire

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Mandy asks…

What year did John Adams retire in?

I can‘t find out what year he retired in…

Pension Forecast answers:

He was president from March 4, 1797 – March 4, 1801. Following his 1800 defeat, Adams retired into private life.

Robert asks…

Have you ever had a friend retire and within a few weeks do a complete180 personality change?

My best friend of 15 years retired and within two weeks I swear I didn’t know who she was. She was a vivacious, attractive and outspoken strong woman ever since I‘ve know her. We also worked together and carpooled, vacationed together and spent alot of time doing lots of other little things.
Now she is like a wimpy little mouse that doesn’t bother to put makeup on, has gained alot of weight and lets her rude, greedy, obnoxious daughter dump her two small children on her all the time and not pay her. (she dislikes babysitting in any way, shape of form.) It’s like she has no backbone anymore, she just lets this woman, who is her only child, use her constantly and won’t stand up to her.
Our friendship is suffering greatly because I know I can‘t interfere, and I want to tell her daughter off for being so selfish, and take my friend by the shoulders, shake her and scream “What‘s wrong with you???”
I don’t see this once great friendship lasting much longer..any suggestions?
Please don’t suggest talking to the daughter, I‘ve tried. She’s a know-it-all that is impossible to talk to. I honestly can‘t stand to be in the same city as she’s in, that’s how much I can‘t stand her. But mostly for the way she treats her mother….always cussing, yelling and threating her. It’s sickening.
I have mentioned to my friend that if I ever heard that the abuse was turning physical that I would call the police in a NY minute and have her daughter arrested for assault.
The step-father is scared of this woman also and lets her verbally abuse him also, and won’t say anything when she cusses at her mother/his wife….this is NOT normal!!

Pension Forecast answers:

As for the retirement question… Once a person leaves an established job that they’ve been at for a long time and retires to a life of doing nothing, they have a tendency of becoming sluggish, sometimes depressed, unless they have things lined up to do or lead an active lifestyle. This sounds like what’s happening to your friend. She no longer has a job to do, has nothing to focus on, and is now being taken advantage of by her daughter. You could take her out to lunch or something and have a nice long chat with her about what you see and your thoughts on it. Talk to your friend, but be wary when discussing her daughter… Try to get your friend out of the funk that she’s in.

Richard asks…

On superstar mode in Madden could a 2nd year player retire?

Hi, I have a currently have a QB on the browns in superstar mode, and when i got to thew team there was a player named Dejuan Bruce Free Safety. I felt bad he was a second year player and never got in play time so I started him and got him into the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl MVP. The next year he was gone, i could find him anywhere (Around The NFL or Free Agency. This brings me back to my first question can the CPU make them retire? this is on Madden 07. also there a player Eric Smith overall 65, his overall won’t go up no matter what i do? Help please
thanks, but i can‘t find the player that was on my team the year before. And please answer the question about Eric Smith

Pension Forecast answers:

Yeah. You can retire your rookie season.
The computer players won’t retire until they reach a certain age.

David asks…

What’s a good birthday present for a 71 year old retired wealthy man?

I‘m not rich so It can‘t break my bank either.

Pension Forecast answers:

1. A book or two — NOT a coffee table book, maybe history (a lot of older men like history).
2. A bottle of wine.
3. A pair of cashmere socks or nice gloves.
4. A magazine subscription to something he’s interested in – but something tasteful, like National Geographic or even Reader’s Digest.
5. Something from his alma mater’s alumni store.
6. A box of temple oranges and/or good grapefruit shipped from Florida (if the birthday is soon).
7. Any yummy gourmet treat that is packaged to stay fresh a long time.
8. Kona or Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee.

These are all in the $20-$35 range.

Susan asks…

I lived in two different states,( 6 mo. in ca. & 6 in n. m.),what state do I file taxes??

I.ve earned $30,000 this year.(retired).can‘t I file in one state for federal and state taxes??

Pension Forecast answers:


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