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Maria asks…

In which year did widows pensions start in the UK?

Pension Forecast answers:

Scottish Widows has been working to help people plan their financial futures since it was founded as Scotland’s first mutual life office in 1815.

From a meeting in an Edinburgh coffee house in 1812, Scotland’s first mutual life office was born.
Scottish Widows is one of the most recognised brands in our market sector.

A member of the Lloyds TSB Marketing Group since 2000.

Sandra asks…

Is my wife entiltled to a widows pension if I die?

I am a UK citizen and I am married to an American citizen, we are going to live in the USA. If I was to die is my wife entitled to a widows pension from the UK?
I have been working continually from I left school in 1987 we will be moving next year.

Pension Forecast answers:

Any UK pension you are entitled to you will receive where ever you live in the world.

Widows pension will be paid (but possibly no annual increase will apply)

certain conditions apply and although i could explain it to you it would be more beneficial and alot easier for you to enquire with the pension service because its your contibutions and what part of the USA and how old you were when you left etc etc that will effect

I suggest you rang the pension service here in UK. Out of all the government social security departments they are the most helpfull and have alot of knowledge

Laura asks…

My husband, a UK citizen, died in Spain in 1995; I need a duplicate of his death cert. Where do I start?

I remember that I was issued with a Spanish death certificate which was then translated in the UK, where my husband is buried. He died in a town near Nerja on 3rd August 1995.
I seem to have lost the original Spansih certificate and any translation. I am in reciept of a UK widow’s pension and probate was completed; so I must have had all the necessary documentation at the time. I now need proof of his death to enable me to remarry later this year. Can anyone help me make a start on getting duplicate.

Pension Forecast answers:

Hi.. I live in Salobrena.. Very near nerja.. Can I help?
My email is oneblondepilgrim@yahoo.com

Linda asks…

What benefits can my mother claim in the UK?

My father passed away on the 3rd March this year, my mum is 74, 75 this year she is getting widows pension and 25% of her council tax but is struggling with her bills. I have reduced her water and phone bill and im waiting on the gas and electric bill…she has very poor eye sight due to diabetes but can cope on her own, is there anything she can claim for??

Pension Forecast answers:

Contacting ‘help the aged’ will get you nowhere as they no longer exist, they merged with Age Concern last year & are now known as Age UK. There should be a office that has a drop in centre in your area. Their website should give you more info.

You can also look at the Direct Gov website below, enter her details & it will tell you if she is entitled to claim any benefits.

Donna asks…

Does the £500pw benefit cap in the UK include housing benefit + council tax benefit?

The cap doesn’t include WTC, War Widows Pension or DLA at the moment. Does the £500pw include your housing benefit AND council tax benefit, one or neither?

Pension Forecast answers:

The limit on benefits would apply to the total received from jobseekers’ allowance, income support, employment support allowance, housing benefit, council tax benefit, child benefit and child tax credit.

It would also would include carer’s allowance and industrial injuries disablement benefit – although it would not include one-off benefits such as social fund loans and non-cash benefits such as free school meals or working tax credits.

All households with a disability living allowance claimant will be exempted from this measure, as would war widows.

The plan is for local authorities to be asked to assess the total benefit income from 2013 of all new and existing housing benefit claimants, reducing the benefit if necessary so the total remains within the cap.

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