Withdraw Pension – Get Tax Free Cash NOW

withdraw pension
withdraw pension

You can use the money from pension release for any purpose

  • Pay off expensive debt
  • Buy a home or a car
  • Invest in a business
  • Anything else that needs a lump sum

There’s no catch. Effectively, you’re ‘retiring’ which enables you to draw up to a quarter of your pension fund as pension release. But you don’t have to draw your pension income. And you can still continue to work.

WARNING: If another site is offering you more than 25% of your pension fund OR you’re not yet 55, IT’S A SCAM !!!


For pension release, you have to meet these criteria

  • Your pensions must be held in the UK.
  • You can release cash from personal pensions and former company pensions.
  • You can’t release cash from your state pension, your current employer’s pension, or any pension from which you’re drawing benefits.

For your protection and your peace of mind

Pension release recommended by this site is carried out by a Financial Services Authority firm. It’s only available to people aged 55 or more. You’re limited to a maximum of 25% of your pension fund. It does not involve ‘pension liberation'; investing your pension overseas; transferring your pension fund to an overseas scheme (QROPS) to avoid UK tax; selling your fund; using it as security for a loan; or paying excessive fees to non-regulated tax advisers.


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